Courts 5 & 6 are available to the Public from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily except during Special Program/Training Sessions, League, High School and Tournament Matches. (Call the office at 706-796-5046 to check when courts are not available)

MACH Academy, Inc has operated and managed the Fleming Tennis Center since 2002. The Fleming Tennis Center is the host site for several high school tennis teams, NJTL Junior Team and QuickStart Team Tennis, USTA Adult Leagues, Local Tennis Clubs/Associations, and USTA Sanctioned Tennis Tournaments.

Programs and Services

Our vision is to provide opportunities for youth to achieve success in tennis & education.  We want to shape the future of the family by providing affordable housing.  Tennis and fitness activities and instruction are provided in all areas of junior development from 10 and under entry-level to competitive league/tournament play. Hands-on activities are used to help children, particularly those growing up in disadvantaged circumstances, fully develop themselves in MindBody, and Spirit. Sessions are provided to encourage participants to adopt daily physical fitness routines and healthy eating habits to ensure healthy lifestyles.

We expose participants to the lifetime sport of tennis in a success-oriented and friendly environment.  Our Pathway Through Tennis is accessible to participants ages 3 to 18 and includes: Ten and Under Tennis Clinics, USTA Junior Tennis Clinics, USTA Junior Team Tennis, USTA Sanctioned Junior Tennis Tournaments, USTA Tennis Clubs, NJTL Tennis Match Play Days, and Summer Tennis and Academic Camps. We encourage participants to use the game of tennis to help pave the way for tennis college scholarships.

Eligibility Rules

In order to participate in MACH Academy Programs, the participants must be at least six years of age and have written parent consent release and contract.  The participants must also agree to the following conditions

  • No profanity, fighting or weapons
  • No discipline problems at school or home
  • No drinking alcoholic beverages
  • No smoking
  • No use of any illegal drugs
  • Regular attendance at school